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    Bringing Wild Birds to Your Backyard

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Wild Bird Supplies

We carry a specially selected collection of bird feeders, nesting boxes, accessories, and nature gift items.  Our goal is to bring you unique items that you will not find at big box stores. To earn a spot on our shelf the product has to be proven to attract wild birds, easy to maintain, and be top quality construction. We are committed to feature Michigan and USA made products. To help you enjoy the wild birds in your backyard we carry educational material such as field guides.

Click here to see Judy’s interview with Terri DeBoer – EightWest




Our goal is to help you enjoy the rewarding hobby of feeding birds in your backyard.


  • Birding Blog

    We aren’t just a store, we are bird lovers and watchers, especially our expert Judy. Read about tips and tricks and new products too!

  • Bird Baths

    Providing water is key to attracting wild birds to your yard.

  • Attracting Birds

    Are you a bird lover but only see the same types of birds? We can teach you how to attract a wider variety of wild birds to your backyard.

  • Bird Seed

    Backyard Birding is proud to offer quality fresh bird seed with no filler ingredients

  • Bird Feeders

    Check out our diverse line of unique bird feeders from artistic clay and blown glass to large  hopper feeders.

  • Bird Houses

    We have a complete line of bird houses and nesting material to help you get started or expand.


  • Education

    We carry educational materials such as field guides, to educate birders about wild birds in their backyards in Michigan


  • Gifts

    Do you have a unique nature lover in your family? We have a wide variety of gifts perfect for them.



Enjoy our bird photos. With our help and products you can become a Backyard Birding expert.



Birding Blog

We aren’t just a store, we are bird lovers and watchers, especially our expert Judy. Join our Blog and

read all about Judy’s Backyard Birding experiences and see some of the wonderful birds

that visit her backyard. She also gives tips and tricks to help you attract all your favorite birds.



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