American Goldfinches visiting my backyard mesh feeder

Mid-July through August is nesting time for the American Goldfinch. Watch for finches on the thistle flowers grabbing thistle-down and bringing it to their nest to use the soft fluffy part of the seed to line their nest. American Goldfinches are vegetarians with a diet almost exclusively of seeds. You can provide the American Goldfinches with a supply of food for their young by leaving your colorful garden flowers of late summer wither on their stems.  They especially enjoy Black-eyed Susan. In addition hang thistle feeders so you can enjoy seeing them up close. Thistle feeders come in two basic styles: the mesh tube as pictured and enclosed tubes with small ports. Backyard Birding has a variety of thistle feeders to choose from starting from $7.99.  Fill your feeder with nyjer seed or our finch blend which is nyjer seed and sunflower chips. Nyjer seed spoils easily in heat so store it dry and cool and replace seeds in your feeder if the birds have stopped visiting.

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