Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles enjoy grape jelly, orange halves, nectar and mealworms on August 9, 2013
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“A fantastic songster, this bird is often heard before seen.  Easily attracted to a feeder offering grape jelly, orange halves or sugar water (nectar). Parents bring young to feeders.  Sits in tops of trees feeding on caterpillars.  Female builds a sock-like nest at the outermost branches of tall trees.  Often returns to the same area year after year.  Some of the last birds to arrive in spring (May) and first to leave in fall (September).”   Birds of Michigan –  by Stan Tekiela




birds of MichiganStan Tekiela’s field guide to Birds of Michigan is our number one recommended first field guide. It is an easy to use field guide that features 112 common Michigan birds.  It is organized by color and size so identifying the visiting bird at your feeder is quick. Female and male birds are often different coloring and can be confusing. If the female is different from the male,  Stan Tekiela lists them separately by color.  Available for $12.95.



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