American Goldfinches

American Goldfinches enjoy nyjer and black oil sunflower seeds on July 23, 2013
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  • American Goldfinch

“Most often found in open fields, scrubby areas and woodlands.  Often called Wild Canary. A feeder bird that enjoys Nyjer thistle. Late summer nesting, uses the silky down from wild thistle for nest.  Appears roller-coaster-like flight. Listen for it to twitter during flight. Almost always in small flocks. Moves only far enough south to find food.” Birds of Michigan –  by Stan Tekiela



birds of MichiganStan Tekiela’s field guide to Birds of Michigan is our number one recommended first field guide. It is an easy to use field guide that features 112 common Michigan birds.  It is organized by color and size so identifying the visiting bird at your feeder is quick. Female and male birds are often different coloring and can be confusing. If the female is different from the male,  Stan Tekiela lists them separately by color.  Available for $12.95.

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