Bird Feeders

Attract the largest variety of wild birds to your backyard by offering different feeding stations

We offer a variety of bird feeders that you will not find in the big box stores. We are proud to offer products from Bird’s Choice, Aspects, Songbird Essentials, Stovall, Erva and more.

We have tray feeders, hopper feeders, window feeders, suet feeders, tube feeders, specific seed feeders such as whole peanut, sunflower, Nyjer, nectar, fruit and more. If squirrels are a problem come talk to us about feeders that will help deter the squirrels.SE6019[1]sn200s-s_0[2]








Choose from a variety of bird specific feeders such as Hummingbirds, Oriole, Finches, and Bluebird feeders.